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Issue 1 of 6 of Count Dante: The Unauthorized (But Sort of True) Story of the Deadliest Man Who Ever Lived   Issue #1D (Special Edition #15 homage cover)

This a CGC Graded 9.8 copy. Copy you receive may be a different serial number depending on stock, but will be a graded 9.8. If you'd like to see pictures of the exact copy, please request images.

John Timothy Keehan returned home to Chicago, a Vietnam War veteran ready to make a name for himself in martial arts. But what he found was a hard town, run by the Outfit. So, Keehan and his old war buddy, Sidney Brown, set forth on a plan that would turn the nice Irish boy from Beverly, Chicago, into the most vicious, hairdressing, car-selling, cape-wearing karate master to ever live.


Graded comics will ship boxed USPS Priority shipping with plenty of padding.

Issue #1D CGC GRADED 9.8

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