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About Me

I'm an illustrator and comic book artist. An art director by day. I'm a flannel aficionado and part-time beard model who sometimes embellishes the truth in his bio.

In April 2023, my first comic series, Count Date: The Unauthorized )But Sort of True) Story of the Deadliest Man Who Ever Lived, was published by Scout Comics. A collaboration with author J.C. Barbour, the series is a quasi-fictional accounting of the life of  largely forgotten 1970s martial arts icon John Timothy Keehan, AKA Count Dante. We tried to create a story that was as grand as Dante's ambition and knack for self promotion, and I'm incredibly proud of what we came up with. It's not all true. But you'd be surprised what is. You'll just have to give it a read.

What's next? I don't know. Guess we'll just have to see. But if I get my way, I'll still be drawing and making art when the robots take over. 

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