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Issue 1 of 6 of Count Dante: The Unauthorized (But Sort of True) Story of the Deadliest Man Who Ever Lived 

This cover, limited to 150 copies ever printed and sold exclusively through Whatnot, was inspired by those eye-sore, thumb-weary days spent days of youth playing as your favorite character in Street Fighter II

John Timothy Keehan returned home to Chicago, a Vietnam War veteran ready to make a name for himself in martial arts. But what he found was a hard town, run by the Outfit. So, Keehan and his old war buddy, Sidney Brown, set forth on a plan that would turn the nice Irish boy from Beverly, Chicago, into the most vicious, hairdressing, car-selling, cape-wearing karate master to ever live.

Please specify in the product options if you'd prefer your comic signed.

Comic will ship bagged and boarded First Class in a comic mailer.

Issue #1 WhatNot Select Exclusive (The Streetfighter) Cover

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